provide indoor moisture balance

prevent pollen and dust accumulation 

prevent allergen and mold formation.

absorb smoke, moisture and odors.

Okil clay plasters transform your wall surfaces by enriching your perspective with their unique textures they contribute to a better indoor air quality.

Filling plaster

color: straw brown

fine plaster

color: wheat grey

DEcorative plaster

color: light sand beige

DEcorative plaster

color: dark sand beige 

Clay based natural building materials

  • show an excellent performance in improving indoor air quality.
  • support durability, energy efficiency and environmental performance of the building
clay panels
  • Clay panels are constituted of rammed clay and sawdust. They are applied dry. They are used as the substitutes for clay filling plaster.
  • Thanks to their content, structure and specific weight, they provide indoor humidity balance
  • Their application and fixing is practical since it is a dry construction system
ready clay plasters
  • Okil ready clay plasters do not cause any chemical reaction, any toxic emission and waste.
  • Bring indoor climate balance to ideal levels.
  • Increase the thermal capacity of the façade and support the durability of the building
earth blocks
  • Used mostly as façade filler, earth blocks have high thermal capacity. Their components: clay and straw are mixed, molded and dried in the sun.
  • Diğer bilinen blok gibi uygulanır. Ancak termal değerleri daha yüksektir.
  • Have low embedded energy and carbon footprint.

we are with those who prefer the natural

In the order phase the delivery day will be defined according to the conditions of material preparation.

When the payment conditions are met, the delivery will be realized on the agreed date.

Okil Clay plasters are delivered in 25kg packages in dry form. Clay panels and earth blocks are delivered on europalet, tied up and under a tarp cover.