2018 onward our team work started under the brand Okil. 2019 onward we started to produce ready clay plaster. We are giving sales and application services for OKil clay based natural building materials.

being concerned on reducing buildings’ impact on health and environment, our team dedicated their diverse skills and expertise on the development of efficient and sustainable product service systems.

Our dream is to make clay and natural materials usage widespread in Turkey. Besides, health, environmental sustainability and user satisfaction are paramount in our organizational processes.

60 Project

SINCE 2019 TO date


Since the production of the Okil brand started in 2019, our clay plaster sales and applications have been scattered to diverse towns and cities of Turkey, they have been  mainly realized in the Aegean and Marmara regions. 60 projects has been completed and more then 1000m2 wall surface area has been plastered with Okil clay plasters.

importance of r&D and P&D

In the direction of developing our products’ quality and production processes:

the strength and performance of the plasters produced are tested and continuous R&D is carried out in order to provide the best performance conditions by combining the natural components at optimum rates.

also, continuous R&D is carried out on different types of natural material additives in order to vary color and texture types in fine and decorative plaster.

by creating different wall types in the workshop allocated for R&D, the long-term performances of the plasters are also being tested on these surfaces.

clay products

you can reach to the detailed information of our product groups from the link below.



Okil was founded by people who has long been working effort fully to develop the natural building materials sector and sustainable architecture in Turkey and to improve the application of adobe and clay-based materials in buildings. The founding partners are working to ensure the healthy development of the Okil brand and its operations by transferring their knowledge and experiences in the fields of architecture, building techniques, production of materials, marketing and sales.


Okil is in close contact with the international building industry and especially with those working on natural building systems and material manufacturers abroad. These relationships were developed based on the international work experience and collaborations built over the years by our founding partners.


While the idea of producing clay based ​​building materials in Turkey and taking initiative in terms of investment in this regard dates back to 2013, the company was fully realized in 2018 after the organization came together with the right team of stakeholders.


Okil carried out its first application in 2018 by coating the interior walls of Kadıovacık Bio-house. After necessary preparation and R&D studies, clay plaster production started in November 2019. Even though the priority of Okil is to spread the use of local natural building materials in Turkey, there can be imported product groups in order to complete a product & service system.